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Trauma & PTSD

You think of folk in wars or big accidents as having PTSDNot so!Anything you go through that felt wrong or unfair can get stuck instead of being filed in your memory bankWhen you experience a similar trigger again, you react as you did the first time
(often before you realise you've been triggered)
Each time that happens, you embed more solid negative experiencesSo it carries on, affecting you, day in, day outIt's the Dementor of your life
It's holding you back
Let's get rid of it, together

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Client and therapist in therapy session

The Cure

Therapy can seem alien or daunting - it's not, I promise!We use two therapies:1) Solution Focused TherapyWhat could life be like if you filed these traumatic memories away?
What difference could that make?
2) The BLAST TechniqueReprocessing those traumas to allow them to resettle in a way that feels right - enough to file them away in the back of your head, finallyThey then stop triggering you all the time

About Us

CaramoCare developed through 30 years as a Paediatric Consultant and 12 of Psychotherapy trainingPatients and clients need both, and yet nobody (except myself) really offers both togetherWe see all sorts of trauma in the Emergency Department
Just as much emotional trauma as accidents, rapes and severe injuries or illness
We also see lots of anxiety, depression and even medical symptoms caused by trauma (headaches, tummy pains, recurrent collapses, seizure-like movements)
I've treated all of these with Medicine and Trauma Therapy (|some need purely Medical Treatment)
Treating that emotional trauma is critically important and yet very difficult to accessI was cured of 30 years of Imposter Syndrome in 6 minutes with BLAST
I want to treat your trauma for you too so you can heal and thrive

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Trauma & ptsd

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You've probably heard people say they have PTSDOften, though, the people suffering the most are ashamed & try desperately hard to hide its effectsThe underlying trauma can be a one-off incident, a group of similar incidents, or almost identical incidents repeatedlyThey can be from how someone treated us, abuse, neglect, gaslighting or moreThe important thing is how it affects YOUHow someone else would've reacted doesn't matter - AT ALLIt's NOT a competition!How YOU react to the same traumatic experience changes with how you feel, & a whole lot of other factors on the dayAnything where you felt hurt or wronged, shamed or embarrassed, can be the root of the traumaTo move on & past this, we need to dig up that root & get rid of itI've treated clients who had their business wrecked, who were embarrassed in front of friends, who were raped, who kept collapsing with no explanationIf we think of these difficult experiences like a house of cards, sometimes treating one pivotal experience causes all of the others to fallOne or a few sessions can be enough to treat even severe traumaRead on for more on Treatment

The cure - 2 therapies

My Foundation in Medicine often helps ton understand& explain symptoms
It also means we can (occasionally) use short bursts of medicine to help
(Melatonin to help sleep, propranolol to help anxiety for example)The two therapies (used TOGETHER) are:1) Solution Focused TherapyRather than being stuck in the 'problem', we look beyond it
Often, solutions are completely unrelated to the original problem
Besides, you're smart; you've tried every solution imaginableIt's time to try something elseWe paint that world where things are better in glorious technicolourThen we look at how far you've already gone along that road
(you will have, I promise!)
It becomes possible, feasible, and then starts to come true2) The BLAST TechniqueWe identify some of the most traumatic experiences you've had
Think of it as 'stuff', but it's effectively trauma
It doesn't need to be war or similar to count
It just has to keep triggering you
It can be called PtSD rather than PTSD to reflect the different levels of traumaCalling up those painful memories and reprocessing them once and for all to file them away for good is the basis of the therapyHow?By passing a light from side to side, which you follow with your eyes
We think this, in some way, disconnects the two sides of the brain, temporarily allowing the reprocessing to occur
Effectively, we call up those memories, gently shake them up (a bit like a snowglobe) and allow them to resettle differently so they can then be filed awayOnce they're filed, they no longer sit there up and front, constantly triggering usIf it makes sense already, book the therapy already

About Us

Medicine has changed in the 30 years I've been practisingWe understand much better how Medical issues drive Psychological ones and vice versaI spent so much time with families where we had no more Medical options and nothing else to offerWhen we reached that point, we'd say it must be PsychologicalIt always seemed a cop-out
Families felt we had no idea and just gave up
It was a mixture of both, and they needed treating togetherAn inspirational nurse (CAMHS Claire) taught me we could treat Psychological issues in the Emergency DepartmentShe left, and then I felt compelled to learn some PsychotherapyI found Solution Focused Therapy, which is simple to understand and learn, though it takes time to masterIt happened; my hometown in Southport is almost a world centre of Solution Focused Therapy, and I had no idea!I learned Solution Focused Hypnotherapy during the pandemic when I fractured my dominant wristThat didn't really gel with me, but I found the BLAST Technique through thisI volunteered to undergo the therapy during the training and used my own Imposter Syndrome as the subjectIt took 6 minutes to be cured of it foreverI was blown away and now help others to experience the sameMine has never recurred, and it's changed my life
It has transformed the lives of others
Let me help you change your life, too